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We’ve represented state troopers and highway patrol nationally. We have been the preeminent national law enforcement organization assisting state associations with national representation and cooperation, developing standards and policies, improving benefits and programs, equipment procurement, training expansion and advancing working conditions.





Where we came from…

The idea of forming an organization to represent troopers initiated in the Northeast Region of the United States in the early 70’s. Trooper Thomas J. Iskrzycki, President of the State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey thought it would be a good idea to have troopers in the Region get together for a picnic to socialize and compare benefits such as salaries, working conditions, pensions, weapons, cars and how each association was addressing these concerns.

These gatherings continued for 6 or 7 years and finally Trooper Richard Whelan, President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts thought these State Police Associations should band together and unite for the common goals of Troopers throughout the New England states. The first
meeting was held in Framingham, Massachusetts in September 1977 with four states attending, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut. The attendees sat down and drafted by-laws, a constitution and named the organization “North Eastern Regional Troopers Coalition”, NERTC.

After several meetings the representatives present developed the “Trooper News Letter” which was sent out to all the states having associations in the Region; the newsletter stated the purpose of NERTC. Shortly after it became apparent that NERTC was gaining interest within other states and because this was a unique organization that represented troopers only we started having meetings in different parts of the United States. The NTC started out having four meetings a year in different parts of the Country. The continued growth necessitated changing the name of the organization to the National Troopers Coalition and incorporating in the State of New York for legal purposes.

In ten short years of rapid growth we went from 4 states to 43 states with three of the states having two associations representing approximately 44,000 State Police and Highway Patrol Officers nationwide. For better and broader representation we increased the Executive Board in size from 6 to 10 members and divided the country into 4 regions and made the Regional Coordinators part of the Executive Board.

Along with the growth in member states the NTC has gained recognition as a well respected national law enforcement association. We also assist member associations with needs in their state and lobby in the United States Congress and the White House for the betterment of the Troopers and the public we serve.

Trooper Kevin Conner was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop in Columbus County

It is with a heavy heart that I inform my brothers with the NTC that we had a line of duty death last night. Trooper Kevin Conner was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop in Columbus County near the city of Whiteville. Last night at 1230am Trooper Conner pulled over a GMC pickup for speeding and was shot in the head while making the initial approach. The suspect then continued to fire upon Trooper Conner. The suspect fled the scene and was pursued by a county deputy approximately 30 minutes later. The suspect crashed and fled into a wooded area. He was apprehended at 0400.

Trooper Conner was a 11 year veteran of the Patrol and is survived by his wife and two small daughters.

The funeral for NC Trooper Kevin Conner has been set for Sunday at 4pm. The location will be 40 Stallion drive Tabor City NC 28463 at South Columbus High School There will be a visitation from 1 till 345 pm. The funeral will begin at 4pm
The nearest airport will be RDU in Raleigh. Tabor City is a very rural area with no Hotels. Wilmington, Lumberton, or Fayetteville will be the nearest lodging.
Tabor City will be about an hour drive

Danny Jenkins

North Carolina Troopers Association

NTC Letter to Nike regarding Colin Kaepernick Ad campaign

As an organization representing over 45,000 state troopers/highway patrolmen across the country, we stand with our law enforcement partners in condemning Nike for choosing to promote Colin Kaepernick as part of the company’s “Just Do It” campaign. The decision to promote the antics of Mr. Kaepernick is a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers throughout this great country. The ad states, “Believe in something,
even if it means sacrificing everything.” Compensating Mr. Kaepernick for his participation
in this campaign is far from “sacrificing everything.”

Nike continues to fan the flames of the endless fallacy that police are nothing more than
inhumane tyrants looking to take out unprovoked, abusive force on African Americans….

Click here to view and download a PDF file of the letter.

Major new donations to our charities at our Boston conference this year!

At this year’s Boston Conference we were able to graciously accept donations from regular contributors California Casualty and the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks. They accounted for an additional $15,000 in funds now available to our charities to continue the fine work they do providing death benefits and additional funding to LODD’s for troopers all across the country. Thank you both very much for your assistance!

News from our brothers and sisters in Nebraska 


As on the State Troopers Association of Nebraska Facebook Page: Here is the deal, our members did an incredible job. The planning and execution were remarkable – and the recognition is even nice. Here is what is NOT nice: Governor Ricketts – once again – turns something great that Troopers do into a feel-good press release while on the campaign trail. Pay special attention to the body language of those around him. Our members do these great things every day and now, all of a sudden, this governor capitalizes on them for his own purposes. In 2017, this very governor did an atrocious thing to the rank-and-file of the Nebraska State Patrol and now he wants to carry on like nothing happened. For great things are done by Troopers every single day, make no mistake about it, this governor is not a friend to most.

Sergeant Jimmy Chavez

Sergeant Jimmy Chavez


The National Troopers Coalition, we protect and serve you!

As a state trooper, one of your most valuable tools is not to be found in your equipment belt, or even your patrol car. The tool is your membership in the association representing your agency. You have sworn to protect and serve the public, but who is going to protect you? Membership in your association will protect you and your family’s future. At the National Troopers Coalition we band together the nation’s associations and speak with one voice at a national level giving your association a much greater voice that can be heard all over the country.

The National Troopers Coalition (NTC) works to improve your wages, benefits and working conditions and encourages all employees to provide quality service to the community. Our membership consists of sworn and civilian employees as well as retirees of the of the nationa’s state police level associations. NTC elects its Chairman, Vice Chairman and Executive Board from the membership.

Our Mission is to protect the rights, interests and welfare of our members and improve quality of life for all member state law enforcement associations.

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